The Changing Of The Guard

The European Union was a unifying force that kept the peace among historically fractious elements. But so was the Hapsburg Empire. And, like the Habsburgs, who, like the Bourbons, knew nothing and forgot nothing, the European Union is equally historically ineffective in keeping the scam going forever. The European Union had a decent run, but only at the sufferance of the United States, and once that ended, as it did unofficially in the minds of most Americans some time ago, the jig was up. The EU is on the verge of dissolution as the European people revert to nationalism in the wake of the Muslim immigration fiasco foisted upon them by the EU. The guard is changing, but the ceremony may remain for the tourists to admire.

Well fashioned caps and spit-shined boots
Did at one time impress recruits
Who thought the palace would be played
For centuries, and thus arrayed
The palace guard with shouldered arms
Would keep the peasants on the farms
Where they could sing and play and dance
Enjoying socialist romance
As Brussels wrote incessant rules
For those it suffered being fools
But now the fools have had enough
And caused the ship of state to luff
The flapping sails lose steerageway
Thus raising shouted cries, Belay!
The sheets run home, the ship sails on
Into the light of rising dawn
Her crew lined up on every yard
And cheering as they change the guard

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