Absolutely Deplorable

Hillary Clinton has just, perhaps inadvertently, spilled the beans. Her kind of people view my kind of people as degenerate, racist, homophobic right-wing terrorists, intent on smearing honest leftists, who only want what is best for all of us, with lies and worse. I may be a degenerate, probably have been since subscribing to Playboy sixty years ago, but I reject the charge that I am a racist, a homophobe or a right-wing terrorist. I do admit I am intent on removing the left from positons of power so that honest people can live in peace again without being subjected to the likes of Hillary Clinton.

Deplorable is what she said
A word that makes me shake my head
Disgraceful might have been the word
She meant but that’s not what we heard
A hoity-toity word was used
Her arrogance made her confused
Deplorable though, on its face
Suggests that we are a disgrace
To all who think the left is right
So shameful best kept out of sight
Degraded and debased are we
Beneath her, she can plainly see
Unworthy, horrid guttersnipes
An orange suit with prison stripes
Are what we need, what we deserve
And yet, when graded on a curve
We’re not as bad as those who shake
The plum tree till the guilders break
Or leave brave men out on a roof
To die and that is just the troof
As children say and cross their hearts
Yes I’ll be glad when she departs
Stage left to glory in her wealth
Enjoying everlasting health

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