Black And White

The racial healing brought to us by the Obama administration has resulted in militant black organizations like Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers itching for a fight. The black folks ginning up a race war may well be in for a surprise. Nobody starts a war they expect to lose, and this one is no exception. I have seen no attempt by any responsible black person to at least try to head off the coming catastrophe if the black militants get their wish. If it comes to blood, a race war will not be brought to you in living color, it will be brought to you in deadly black and white.

The Panthers and the BLM
Want fried cops wrapped in bacon
They think that force belongs to them
But they are much mistaken
They see the Blue State city folk
As soft, unarmed and frightened
They think the white man is a joke
Who’ll cry as sphincters tightened
But in the outback far and near
In mountains, fields and meadows
There lives a breed who do not fear
The gunmen of the ghettos
For they are men who will bleed too
And hold their thoughts in silence
But straws and camels’ backs lead to
Provoked and deadly violence

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