With public prayer being purged from our schools and sporting events, what will happen when all the players named Kareem and Muhammed decide to face east before the game and kneel and touch their foreheads to the court or field. When the Christian clergy are no longer allowed to lead the team in prayer, and are banned from locker rooms, will Imams be forbidden as well? I believe we all know the answer. When the national anthem is discontinued before games because it is offensive to legal and illegal aliens alike, whose anthem will be allowed? The millennial generation of Americans knows next to nothing of the history of the West let alone the history of their own country. Whose history will their children be taught?

It’s risen slow, the soft warm tide
Unnoticed by the mass
Of busy people who decide
To just let those things pass
Why bother if the kids can’t pray
Aloud in public school
Time’s past a prayer would start the day
But then a rule’s a rule
But if minorities object
And claim their jealous god
Rules everything to great effect
Why then we give the nod
Accommodation is our creed
Not sacred wine and bread
Fulfilling every wish and need
Of those who want us dead

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