The Hitchhiker

Barack Obama has set the Middle East aflame and then sat back and watched it burn, his policy of leading from behind bearing bitter fruit. Bu tis the fruit bitter to Barack Hussein Obama? Is he monumentally incompetent or is the destruction of the West and the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate his goal? Adolf Hitler, in the glory years of the Rhineland, Anschluss and Munich, remarked that he was like a somnambulist, walking unerringly through European history. Obama is no sleepwalker. He is a hitchhiker, a passenger in a careering eighteen wheeler, caring only that he is going where his parents and handlers have determined.

At night bright diamonds line the road
Defining time and space
A road the great Obama strode
Though at a snail-like pace
Obama knew not blacktop nor
The tractor-trailer screams
Of air horns and the diesel roar
That permeates the dreams
Of hitchhikers with upraised thumb
Just looking for a ride
Obama loved the steady hum
Of traffic by roadside
The air brakes hiss, there’s engine heat
He’s in, in nothing flat
And then he sees the empty seat
Where once a driver sat
It matters not to this good man
That goals in fact recede
The Arab Spring, Afghanistan
He cares not if we bleed
Incompetence is just a show
He knows what has been planned
The hated Western world must go
And he the guiding hand
And so he rides the lonely nights
A passenger to fate
The highway flashing in the lights
Hitchhiking to  Hell’s gate

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