The president has announced a billion dollar fund to combat the non-existent threat of non-existent global warming. Maybe we should announce a fund to combat the existent threat of an existent president.

Global Warming back in the news
It’s acolytes still in the pews
Their god the god of fake emails
And hockey sticks when science fails
Who are these guys, these acolytes
Why do they wear those satin tights
Silk stockings on their shapely legs
Who are these folks, the question begs
They’ve been around for eons, hence
Forever more these shifty gents
Will harry us and spread much gloom
And camp out to await the doom
They shrieked there’d be an ice age soon
And when that failed they changed their tune
To claim that warming they would fix
And tax us heedless, stupid hicks
They will not stop, they will not cease
Their cries of doom will just increase
Until we cease to be so nice
And send them all to chopping ice
Antarctica is where they’ll go
To pray their god to melt the snow

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