The thorny question of immigration is with us again, as it always is, as it always will be, given the propensity of the Democrats to care more for reelection than for the life or death of the country. The Reconquista is moving apace, regardless of what John Boehner does or does not do, regardless of what the Republican Party does or does not do. It is a done deal. Once set in motion the only option is to put all illegals in internment camps or ship them home, and neither is going to happen. No fence will be built, and the United States is well on its way to Balkanization, a dual language society like Quebec. Within a hundred years the southwest will again be Mexican, if only in the guise of an autonomous Spanish speaking American republic. In that same time frame the remaining states will fracture into Blue Model states and Constitutional states, with little friendship between them, hip hop music on the radios in the Blue states and Country music in the Red states. Badminton and croquet will be the national sports of the Blue states, and Football and Nascar the national sports of the Red states. In anticipation, I have taken to singing the current national anthem with the following lyrics:

O say can you see by the dusk’s fading light
What was proudly once hailed
Now in twilight’s last gleaming
And Barackets Red glares
The la bomba our heirs
Gave proof through their might
That our flag is now theirs
No more does that star mangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave

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