Ahura Mazda

The long awaited clash of civilizations may well be upon us. The goal and dream of Islam to conquer the West dates back to the 7th century, and they will not stop until they are either the conquerors or the conquered. If it comes to a fight to the death, I believe we will prevail, but in doing so we will emerge from nuclear catastrophe a different people, with different views and different gods, for the old ones will have been destroyed. That the Kurds have recently turned to Ahura Mazda is no surprise. Zoroastrian was the unofficial religion of the Roman Legions for many centuries, and the Kurds naturally feel something greater than Obama is needed in their time of great peril.

The gods still sleep beneath the snow
Or deep in mountain rock
They stir at times when felt a blow
Or feel a temblor shock
And yet they wait for know they well
That man will one day call
When air is rent and oceans swell
And iron built nations fall
They wait with patience for the day
They walk the northern wood
And dervishes will have their say
In language understood
Survivors gather ‘neath the henge
And in the burning sun
To cry their god for sweet revenge
And then they’ll get a gun
And kill their neighbors whom they blame
For desolation, woe
And once again we start the game
For that is all we know

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