A Lovely Dream

Wikileaks claims that Soros and USAID, via the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, directly funded the Panama Papers report that claimed to unveil the system in which Putin and his cronies shuffle money and power through a Panamanian corporation shell, along with similar behavior from a vast array of political and economic players, including British Prime Minister David Cameron. I seriously doubt the Panama Papers will have any effect on any of these billionaires and politically powerful people, but if there is effect, and the authorities are serious, as I also doubt, then guys like Soros and Putin and assorted billionaires may well sing the following song in the loneliness of the deepening darkness, though each will have to provide his own melody.

In sleepless nights I think of when
We built our shells in deep disguise
So happy were we once, back then
Yet still they dance before my eyes
Offshore they sit, so it would seem
Just waiting there, a lovely dream
The darkness wraps me in its cloak
I drift away in tortured sleep
Of Panama but when I woke
I knew the shadowed taxmen would
Take all I had if they but could
Of what was mine to keep
And in the dark returned the theme
Of that great tax free lovely dream

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