All As Planned

Events are proceeding according to plan. Biden is out and Hillary is dead woman walking. The MSM feed an unintelligent and undemanding public with Democrat talking points, the Judiciary is in the Democrat bag, the Legislative branch has been neutered, and the Executive is in full control. Once the Left gains power they do not give it up peacefully. The summer of 2016 will see the Obama orchestrated indictment and collapse of Hillary Clinton, and the nomination by acclimation at the Democrat National Convention of Barack Obama for a third term, defying anyone to test the power of the Twenty-second Amendment. It is not at all clear that Obama can be defeated. He has the plantation black and Hispanic vote, a large percentage of white women still believe in him, and by definition half the population has an IQ below 100, making them natural Democrats. That is the crisis of crises. Everything else, Obamacare, ISIS, Putin, China, is bean bag. The election of 2016 will determine if the United States continues to exist in its current form or becomes a Leftist tyranny with a President for Life. The second crisis will come when the Electoral College meets. Will they certify that Obama is duly elected? If they do, the third crisis will be upon us, as armed men gather at the Capitol steps on the morning of 20 January 2017. If those armed men are wearing Obama green, then we shall have gone the way of Republican Rome.

The Republic that stood for some hundreds of years
Collapsed without whimper or sob
As silent with sorrow we yield to our fears
And hide from the wild, baying mob
Who hoist on their shoulders the man of their dreams
Proclaiming him Emperor and King
Erecting in place heavy stout wooden beams
From which all opposing will swing

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