A Letter From Camp Middle East

A hopeful letter home written by a young boy named Allan Sherman to his parents in Connecticut.

Hello Muddah, Intifada
Abbas smiling, he says nada
Says it’s peaceful as can be here
Says the roses are in bloom as you can see here
Mr. Assad has a friend now
Things are on an upward trend now
Putin sitting in the middle
Of the oilfields while Obama plays the fiddle
Engineers now dot the landscape
Calculating with a handtape
Crawling over all the bare fields
Laying out dimensions for the Russian airfields
In the Ukraine Russian Spetsnaz
Putin says that he who gets has
Russian families, Russian squatters
Putin says it’s all about those mudders, fodders
Meanwhile China building islands
Turning ocean into highlands
Tells our Navy they’re on notice
Not to go there as agreed to by the Potus
Dearest Faddah, dearest Momma
I hear back home there’s great drama
Mr. Trump will make things better
Mudda, faddah kindly disregard this letter

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