Alpha Males

If allowed by the culture, women will happily share an alpha male with other females rather than have a monogamous relationship with a beta male, all in the rational, evolutionary proven belief that an alpha male father gives her children the best chance for survival. Alpha males led the hunter gatherer families and led the cultural reorganization into clans and tribes. Alpha male explorers, rulers and entrepreneurs built the nation states and the global companies that created the scientific and technological civilization that permits such as feminists, who never built a thing, the luxury of holding alpha males in contempt. The rise of feminism in the West in general and the United States in particular, has produced a society in which the alpha male is condemned as an aggressive monster deserving of cultural destruction. Feminists would rather see the United States descend into fascism and anarchy than elect an alpha male president. Well, despite their best efforts to prevent it, they got one. His name is Donald Trump.

Friedan and Abzug were the names
That quickly come to mind, sir
Two uglier and horrid dames
You could not easy find, sir
Not every feminist was gay
But all were hateful shrews, sir
And so we find yet still today
Such women are bad news, sir
They hate real men and claim to love
The males who bow and scrape, sir
Before the charming turtle dove
They wrongly think they ape, sir
So sinister the feminist
Determined to destroy, sir
In secret, though, they will insist
They wish they were a boy, sir

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