Relax, Your Dog Will Never Tell

A study by the Comparative Ethology Research Group in Budapest, Hungary, reveals that dogs remember what you do. Luckily, they cannot tell anybody. I spoke about this to Roger, my faithful Lab, and he said,

I never would reveal a thing that happened here last night
My lips are sealed about the weekend too
Although I must admit, my friend, it really was a sight
And as your buddy I say good for you
Yes she was hot and while I stayed outside in bitter cold
And shivered wishing I was warm inside
You know my love for you will mean the tale remains untold
Although it tore my heart out when you cried
I understand she left quite late despite your desperate pleas
I saw her leave the house and drive away
But dogs have senses that astonish, sure as we have fleas
And I could see that nothing you could say
Would make her stay another sec when once she stood to leave
Despite the crackling fire and the wine
And I won’t tell about the flower vase I saw you heave
And overturn the table set to dine
I told him he was wrong about what he had seen and heard
I said she simply stopped to say goodbye
She’d been promoted and was flying like a gorgeous bird
To Malibu where limits reach the sky
I said I envied her and wished her luck and wished her well
At which he cocked his head and smiled a smile
He wagged his tail and sadly said, I swear I’ll never tell
But I was by the door for quite a while
And overheard some things that made my short hair stand on end
And when she left you screamed and howled all night
You staggered to the door so drunk you could not even bend
And let me in so I could set things right
A crying drunk you were my friend, whom I shall never blame
The bottle going down and not by sips
With tear red eyes you held me close and called me by her name
Sobbed I love you and kissed me on the lips

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