An Al Goregeous Day

Egged on by third world countries and other panhandlers, the UN is pushing the United States and Western Europe to commit economic suicide in order to fund the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, all in the name of saving the planet from a non-existent global warming crisis. The president of the United States is committed to enabling this insanity by pledging to give billions of US taxpayer dollars to failed countries and tyrannical regimes so that they may begin the transfer to green technology. Of course none of this money will go to green technology investment; it will go into the Swiss bank accounts of the ruling oligarchs and despots. And of top of all this, Al Gore has just announced that the Copenhagen target for the complete destruction of the world economies is not enough.  



Fears for the ice

Will not suffice

When warming turns to hail

Let’s tell those bums

When warming comes

The check is in the mail


The real neat thing

This tack will bring

Is we won’t have to pay

The emails show

The warm winds blow

Out of their ass, okay?


It’s about time

This fraud and crime

Was put under the clay

A bitter breeze

Some low degrees

Make an Al Goregeous day



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