We’re With You All The Way

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, in a recent visit to Kabul, has assured President Karzai and the government of Afghanistan that we would never abandon them. They seem strangely unreassured, particularly as President Obama in his speech Tuesday has stated emphatically that after eighteen months we would abandon them. So President Obama’s definition of never seems to be eighteen months.



Ah no, the President has said,

The word sellout’s verboten

So please don’t fret your pretty head

As soon you will be votin’

For Taliban who will of course

Be kind and gentle rulers

We know you’ll love the new strong horse

Except for your pre-schoolers

Who will not be allowed in class

If they’re of the wrong gender

Nor will your Christians find the glass

Half full but they must render

Obeisance to that Allah guy

Whose mercy has no ending

But in the meantime please don’t try

The rules of mercy bending

We are behind you all the way

We’re here for you forever

In passing I just want to say

That we will leave you never

Of course we know we’re pulling out

But that is not to worry

What’s that you say?  What’s that you shout?

Then go and what’s your hurry?




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