An Election Eve Double



From 1933 to the present day, the United States, regardless of who holds the White House or the Congress, has been drifting slowly but steadily toward a socialist society, all accompanied by hosannas to the new world order where no one will want for anything, and where all outcomes are guaranteed equal. The strident overreach of Obama has awakened the American public to what is going on, and they are about to reject it. The Tea Parties are a spontaneous reaction against the political elites of both parties. The Tea Party movement is a rejection of socialism, for they recognize that socialism is a dead weight on the body politic. The American people understand that living under socialism is like walking around with a piano on your back, and they are about to soundly reject 80 years of leftward drift. The Lefties, the Liberals, the Progressives, were content to let the leftist revolution proceed incrementally and surely, but Obama was impatient, and rolled the dice, desiring above all to be the historical figure who changed the nature of the American democracy on his watch. He rolled the dice and crapped out. And now Obama’s Marxist agenda is dead.



Just roll the dice

And in a trice

It’s seven come eleven

It’s Kingdom Come

Bang Marx’s drum

For soon we’ll be in Heaven

Where all are free

And liberty

Is there for just the taking

And government

Is heaven sent

Though data needs some faking

But nonetheless

It’s on we press

To socialist Nirvana

Yes all we lack

Is one strong back

To carry the piana






George Strait sings of how he misses his woman in a roundabout way. That’s how I feel about Nancy and Steny and Barney and the whole lot of race baiters and treasury looters. I will miss them in a roundabout way.



Around about the midnight hour Tuesday night

The Dems will find themselves the losers in the fight

We’ll win the House

A big de-louse

Yes I will miss them in a roundabout way

Around about the time that Nancy quits the stage

And good Tea Party people rise to turn the page

I’ll sit and smile

And all the while

I’ll miss them so in such a roundabout way

Around about the time the race guys pay the price

For causing hate and hatred now that would be nice

And Barney dear

She won’t be here

Yes I will miss them in a roundabout way




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