An Preachan (The Crow)

A very old Irish Gaelic fable tells the story of a Prince turned into a black crow who convinces a beautiful princess to marry him. Fast forward to the present, and consider that Barack Obama is the crow, and the United States the beautiful princess. Did not the black crow convince the beautiful princess to marry him? Has the old Gaelic folktale not come true? Does the United States, that beautiful princess, survive the encounter with the shapeshifter Barack Hussein?

The crow pecked softly on her window pane
And called her from her peaceful sleep
Entranced, she watched the crow her bedroom gain
In darkness deeper than the deep
She rose and followed to the tower stair
Above the battlement below
She saw from window slits her country fair
And felt the shadow of the crow
The fall seemed dreamlike to her sleeping mind
The battlement so soft to fall upon
And thought not badly of the crow so kind
As in the dark smiled an preachan

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