The Islamic Choudary And Marching Society

A fistfight over whose imaginary god was least imaginary broke out between Sunni and Shia Muslims during a march in London organized by Imam Anjem Choudary. It is not known if there were any casualties, but it has been reported several of the rioters had their feelings hurt.

When tempers boil on foreign soil
Like London in Old Blighty
A few get stabbed and then get scabbed
Though issues are quite flighty
One group has wells where Imam dwells
The other thinks that’s crazy
Both wonder why how hard they try
The future seems so hazy
They always lose when fighting Jews
Though Allah still commands it
On VJ-Day the Jews will pay
Their honor still demands it
And so they fight with great delight
Though blows are weak and powdery
They march along, and sing a song
Urged on by Imam Choudary

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