And It’s All For Free

The fifties and sixties saw the building of great expanses of public housing, mostly high rises, and shortly after the urban poor were moved in the places became unlivable. So they eventually tore them down and built more amenable public housing, believing, in their lefty way, that the problem was the density of the high rises made the people who lived there uncomfortable. But they soon found garden type apartments built for the welfare inner city poor were not the answer either. Frankly, the lefty social engineers were baffled. If the high rises got trashed and turned into criminal slums, and the garden apartments got trashed and turned into criminal slums, then what was the solution? Surely the problem could not be the people.



Build high rises for the folks

Thinking they’re like normal blokes

And find that much to your dismay

That those high rises soon decay

All right you say, apartments then

It’s crowded in a high rise den

But soon enough apartments too

Come falling down on top of you

But now you feel the problem’s solved

You have to get the folks involved

You build them houses nice and neat

And in a year you find they’re beat

You learn that we’re not all alike

And years to feel the lightning strike

It’s best to just leave folks alone

They hate you when you throw a bone

Some folks don’t want to live like that

For me I’ll take a high rise flat

And not complain, but that’s just me

Especially if it’s all for free


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