And That’s The Way It Is

The world is coming apart and us with it, and yet the American public is to a large extent blissfully unaware of it. Television news anchors touch briefly if at all on the latest catastrophe, and front page news that would once have been on the front pages for days is now consigned to below the fold or page thirty-seven on day two, erased from the public mind by the latest Kardashian girls gossip. It’s as if nobody, not the newsmen, not the television news anchors, and certainly not the public, wants to hear about the world now crashing down upon our ears.

The bad news is there’s no good news
The good news is that now
The bad news is below the fold
And thus we can allow
Our daily lives to move along
A slower, gentler pace
Considering much simpler things
So we won’t have to face
The bad news coming down on us
And causing us dismay
We much prefer to tip our caps
And wish a happy day

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