Arbeit Macht Frei

The Obama administration has the whiff of fascism about it; the enrichment of cronies, stolen elections, the harassment of political enemies, and control of the press, including secret searches of reporters’ phone logs and threats of jail. And now we know that everything we write, everything we say, and everything we think is known to the government. We have seen this all before, and we know how it ends: it ends with noble words above the gates.

How noble thy brow
The granite-like chin
The pose with the scowl
The elfin-like grin
The beautiful smile
The soft hooded eyes
The sharp fetid bile
The soft spoken lies
The lock out of place
The mustache trimmed neat
The contorted face
The blood in the street
You know me my friends
You see me in dreams
This is how it ends
This is what it seems

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