And Turn The Left To Dust

The Democrats believed that they could attain a permanent governing majority by being the black, Hispanic and women party, blissfully unaware that telling white people that they weren’t included anymore was a losing strategy. White people are still the majority ethnicity in the country, and when it became clear the Democrats were prepared to make white people second class citizens in their own country, white women, to the shocked surprise of the Democrats, voted white. As a result of this miscalculation the Democrats are now a failed political party, controlling virtually nothing but a couple of very blue states. Nationalism has been unleashed by the Democrats, and nationalism will keep them in the cold and the dark for a very long time, and if, in the wake of the Trump triumph they turn further left, to Sanders or Warren, they may very well disappear forever, and join the Whigs in the footnotes.

They played the race card but were Trumped
And lost to their surprise
They did not think they would be dumped
Could not believe their eyes
Election night the votes rolled in
With Florida the first
To show the totals that scrolled in
Proclaiming Trump’s big burst
That took the Dems’ last firewalls
And Pennsylvania too
The Trump borne winds now heavy squalls
As states turned red from blue
The country that’s between the coasts
Flyover, Dems still sneer
Despite the tone deaf leftist boasts
The country is now queer
Identity and gender make
Us what we are today
But white folks said you will not take
Our fathers’ land away
Now free men have their country back
The winds of change a gust
As red state folks force Dems to pack
And turn the Left to dust

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