On Wings Of Fancied Flight

My grandkids, in the wisdom of youth, oft times say to me that I should get out more. Little do they know that I have spent a very large part of my life among the stars.

In fancied flight I take to wing and dance among the stars
And hail a passing comet destination yet unknown
We fling ourselves into the gap twixt Jupiter and Mars
And into deepest silence yet unflown
Surrounded by a stygian dark that pressed on every side
We flew until the firmament exploded into light
Revealing gods and goddesses so beautiful I cried
To think that I should witness such a sight
Through galaxies that spun before a solemn golden calf
Through ancient cities turned to dust but gloried in their times
With figures scrawled upon the walls their only epitaph
And in the wind the sound of distant chimes
Into the void until we reached the edge of all we know
The boundary that held us all inside its fenced array
A sign upon the fence warned this was far as we could go
Beyond lay knowledge that could lead astray
The mightiest of nations and the humblest of kings
That some had dared the fence and left in shambles his estate
And that it was too dangerous for man to know all things
That knowing all would come but now must wait
I disregarded warnings and proceeded through the fence
Into the void we sped intent on our forbidden search
The darkness and the cold at once oppressive and intense
To find a snow white dove upon a perch
High in a pine so tall it seemed to reach beyond the sky
Of diamond studded velvet that bathed all in glowing mist
And looking at the dove I whispered softly, Tell me why
And in response he said, If you insist
And told to me the answer to the meaning of it all
That comforted where once I was afraid
Alas he smiled and said what’s told you never will recall
Until the day the final dance is played

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