Apple Pie And Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood has assumed power in Egypt, gaining almost half the seats in the recent election. Crowds in Cairo demand the Army relinquish power, and Egypt stand now on the edge of the knife, between Islamist hardliners who will install an Islamist state with Islamist law, and a secular Army, who, while no angels, at least won’t be sworn enemies of the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood, on the other hand, and organization long named a terrorist organization, claims they are merely a political party, devoted to the concept of apple pie and motherhood.  



Apple pie and motherhood

Mean nothing to the Brotherhood

They have the power now and mean to stay

In power for a good long time

Because it’s been a long, hard climb

From where they were to where they are today

Mubarak looked at them askance

He never asked them once to dance

Always the bridesmaid, they were never kissed

In darkness with Mubarak there

They got only that mile long stare

But now he’s gone and never will be missed

Oh yes they have the power now

And at their feet the camels bow

The pyramids shine like the stars at night

The Nile with golden flecks will flow

And Cairo will be all aglow

Ablaze with Allah’s fierce and holy light



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