Address Unknown

Pakistan has betrayed us for many years, taking our money and aiding the Taliban, taking our money and hiding bin Laden, professing undying loyalty while stabbing us in the back. All this is known to the State Department, yet they insist we must continue sending them money lest we lose influence with them.  I think we should send them the money, but to the wrong address, then the money would come back to us marked Address Unknown. I can just see the Pakistani Army chorus singing ‘Address Unknown’ by the Ink Spots (#1 on the charts week of 11 Nov 1939)



Address unknown, you asked where Osama abides

Address unknown, you ask where the Taliban hides

You were a fool to stay Afghanistan so long

You should have known there’d come a day when you’d be gone

Address unknown, oh how could you be so blind

Who’d think that you could think that we’d be so kind

As to be on your side with your arrogant pride

You may search never to find

Who has betrayed you

Address unknown



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