Are We At War With Islam Or Aren’t We?

A few weeks ago suicide bombers killed many and wounded very many more in Moscow. The reaction of the US State Department was instructive. We were told to not jump to conclusions, that it is unclear the suicide bombing had anything to do with Islam. The problem with reluctance to admit you are at war is that when that war becomes unbearable, the reaction will be much worse than it would be if we took action against those people now. When an Iranian bomb incinerates a western city it will be too late for judicious use of force, and the muslim world will learn a very hard lesson indeed.



A bomber strikes again but still

We cannot know for sure

If Muslim bomb was used to kill

Or just nutcase du jour

No matter that the pattern’s past

The suicide, the shout

Of Allah Akbar ‘fore the blast

Should raise but little doubt

No better that we turn our heads

And not blame Allah’s kin

For if we march with hob-nailed treads

It’s possible we’ll win

And winning is so déclassé

Among our Lefty folks

Who think that murder is okay

But frown at Muslim jokes

The time is coming, heed the sign

When forbearance erodes

And swift commands go down the line

Installing firing codes

And when the silos empty out

And all the birds have flown

The bomber’s Allah Akbar shout

Becomes an Allah moan


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