Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become a non-player in world affairs. It’s all very well for us to feel good about ourselves for making a woman Secretary of State, but the outside world, particularly the muslim world, pay no attention to what a woman says, particularly a woman who has no armed men at her disposal. Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher. Clinton wags a finger but everyone knows the United States of President Obama will do nothing to protect its friends, its allies, or even itself. And so she wags a finger at Israel, the only democracy and the only dependable friend in the Middle East, while smiling at Syria as it swallows Lebanon and looking on in bemusement as Egypt prepares to be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. The only thing she is reasonably accomplished at is wagging her finger at Israel.



With Clinton there the phony

War is all baloney

She’ll wag a finger bony


To Israel she natters

Peace in our time’s what matters

These Arabs are Mad Hatters


Therefore I do beseech you

I’ve tried so hard to reach you

There’s lessons I must teach you


Please listen to my dictum

You must not make a victim

Of people when you’ve licked ‘em


You know we stand beside you

Whatever may betide you

Although I may deride you


We’ll let this crisis play out

The USA will stay out

We’ll help you find your way out


And if you lose we’ll shudder

As you die in the gutter

I’ll be your best tut-tutter




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