As Lovely As A Tree

The Soviets, excuse me, the Russians, in the name of gas giant Gazprom, have offered Cyprus a bailout if the Cypriots agree to give Gazprom leases in its off shore natural gas fields. Cyprus has rejected the offer and Putin is outraged. As for me, I stand foursquare with the cypress trees.


I think that I shall never see

A Gazprom lovely as a tree

A cypress tree with leafy boughs

That soothe the worried, furrowed brows

Of Cypriots whose money seems

To be a part of EU dreams

While Russians look to score real big

And promise to use just one rig

If only they be put in charge

Of Cyprus finance by and large

Rejected, Putin storms and scowls

As Greeks razz Putin with wild howls

The trees meanwhile just sit and wait

Uncertain of the island’s fate