The Anchor

We live, unfortunately, in an era in which the news we are fed is not news, it is Obama hagiography and Democratic Party talking points. We are not told the truth of Syria, of Benghazi, or any of the Obama administration’s malfeasances. The United States has devolved into two kinds of voters; low information voters who get all their information about the world around them from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and National Public Radio, all of which are hand puppets of the Democratic Party, and high information voters who get their information from the Internet and reading books. Low information voters know nothing of what goes on in the country because the television anchors they watch and believe don’t tell them. Low information voters, these anchors believe, are best kept in the dark, in order to ensure they vote Democrat.


The anchor reads his lines on-screen

And truth is what we then have seen

And ever after what is known

Is what the anchor deigned be shown