Awake, Thank God

Polls now show Romney taking the lead both in the popular vote and in the electoral college. Not unexpected, but welcome nonetheless. Obama’s Marxist upbringing taught him that the past must be erased, that the present was an illusion, but that the future belonged to the Marxists, and he has governed in a way to ensure the destruction of the past as well as the future. Fortunately the public has not yet reached the tipping point where enough people were embedded in the Leftist slave plantation and depended entirely upon the government for their very existence that they provided enough votes to keep the Left in power forever. Obama will not realize his dream of destroying the United States, a dream implanted in him at an early age by his Marxist mother and communist father. Our childhood dreams of growing up in the greatest country that ever was is safe.


When I was but a child my dreams were never

Without a playful laugh, and without care

I knew it all would last somehow forever

I knew my parents always would be there

My teens I spent adrift like many others

With sports and girls and dances then my life

The neighborhood good guys were all my brothers

And from my sister’s friends I’d choose a wife

My youth was filled with plans of life tomorrow

It mattered not if dreams were small or great

Like most of us our dreams lead but to sorrow

For dreams are overtaken oft by fate

And fate brought us Obama and confusion

The past became a dream that never was

The present’s nothing but a sham illusion

The future surely comes but never does

And yet I cannot help but feel dejected

My childhood gone forever in the mist

The present isn’t like I had expected

And let me tell you brothers I am p****d

Obama and his crowd must be deported

To some blue state that loves this kind of slime

We’d all been better off were they aborted

But they’ll be gone quite soon and just in time

Our childhood dreams those scumbags tried to sever

To make us slaves and beggars to the State

But now they’re gone and gone for good forever

Thank God we wakened ‘fore it was too late


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