Interesting Times

The Middle East, that region peopled by the adherents of the religion of peace, is fast approaching Armageddon. Al Qaeda is now fighting Assad in Syria with sophisticated weapons supplied by the Obama administration through Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Assad is threatening to use poison gas on the rebels and on his own people. Iran is rapidly approaching the point where it can incinerate Israel with atomic bombs, and Egypt is now, thanks to the Obama administration, in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, a registered terrorist organization. The Middle East is about to blow up, and Obama and the West sit idly by, content to await developments.


Ah there I see my webbing thrums

Said the spider to the fly

And in the distance sounds of drums

And fear that I know why

I sense that something is amiss

For now my web is still

And so my friend I’ll tell you this

We have some time to kill

Before the drums finish their song

At which time we will know

Just who it is will say so long

And who is first to go

For there are those who play with death

While others still deny

And so quite soon to draw a breath

Means surely you will die

I care not all for those afar

The trembling fly did say

I beg you leave the door ajar

So I can fly away

The spider’s eyes then filled with tears

She said her nature’s fixed

So kill she must despite her fears

Despite her feelings mixed

You see your most unhappy fate’s

Not your fault in the least

For Allah’s set the mournful dates

It’s just the Middle East


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