Baby, Baby

By a vote of 5 to 4, the Supreme Court has struck down much of the encumbering language built up over the past few decades that restricted the right of free speech for certain parts of the population. Corporations and unions can now spend freely and in the open, where before they could only spend freely and in disguise. Naturally, President Obama and the Democrat congress are outraged that the Supreme Court has taken literally the words of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, claiming heatedly that only liberal corporations like the Democrat controlled media has the right to free speech, meaning, in their version of the First Amendment, that only liberals have the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.



Baby, baby, please don’t leave me

Once sung by the Supremes

Is now Obama’s plaintive cry

Just one more crash of dreams

By 5 to 4 the Court has ruled

That speech indeed is free

That henceforth folks can hear the truth

Without the FCC

Deciding just who gets the right

To speak his piece of mind

That heretofore was slanted toward

The leftmost they could find

No wonder ‘Bama’s all shook up

Like Elvis it’s all gone

The Court declared the media is

No longer Hussein’s pawn



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