The Democrats insist that public opinion doesn’t matter, that they know what is best for us, and just because we don’t like ObamaCare now doesn’t mean we won’t come eventually to like it.  Harry Reid says we’ll love it once we know what’s in it, which seems to be the Dems’ strategy: Pass a 1,200 page bill that nobody has read and tell us we’ll love it once someone gets around to reading it. The strategy of course, is to bankrupt the country then impose Marxist rule to solve the problem they created.



There’s much to like ‘bout ‘Bamacare

Said Harry Reid with a death stare

That told us all we need to know about

The lefty scheme to get us all

Into their clutches and in thrall

So deep that no one living can get out

They’ve gone too far that’s what I think

The whole damn thing is gonna sink

The left has played its card and come up deuce

In pushing Marx right down our throats

The people with their sacred votes

Will put them all on rafts and cut them loose



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