The Narrative

The left has captured the cultural institutions. Marxist professors rule the universities, teaching kids the United States is evil. They own the media, newspapers today are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, printing the party line as fact. Hollywood paints the United States to the world as an evil, crime ridden, racist, imperialist society.  Democrats have apologized to the Japanese for everything from winning the war to burning their cites to dropping the atomic bomb, and we seem on the verge of doing more apologizing as our Secretary of State pays a visit to Japan. The left has over the past many decades developed and perfected the narrative: the United States wantonly, deliberately, criminally and entirely unnecessarily dropped atomic bombs on a peaceful and unsuspecting Japan.



The facts do not matter it’s image that counts

The narrative sees that the country’s guilt mounts

We clap and we cheer when we see rubble bounce

We slew ‘til resistance was stilled

We started the war for the promise of gain

And suffered no loss while inflicting great pain

We dropped bombs from skies like the soft falling rain

We cared not the children we killed

We poisoned the earth with our nuclear bomb

And watched people die with the greatest aplomb

Our battlefields looked like a latter-day Somme

And we slaughtered as only we can

We built silver bombers to fly through the night

And burn down the cities while claiming to fight

In defense of freedom so we had the right

To murder a peaceful Japan



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