Barcelona And The Narrative

Hamilcar Barca, of the Barca family of Carthage, founded the city of Barcelona, which became a Roman army camp after Hamilcar’s son, Hannibal Barca, annoyed the Romans enough to cause them to permanently erase the city of Carthage. So Barcelona is not unaware of political, military and religious problems. Muslim terrorism has a long history in the Mediterranean. But if history is a guide it will be a one day story, and tomorrow the narrative of the evils of the past will return.

The weapon now a simple van
Las Ramblas where the tourists walk
And where another muslim man
Has change the daily pundit talk
From noble savages at play
Of toppling statues of the beast
That lived in that far distant day
Utopia had sudden ceased
A time when men owned other men
Brought from their homes since time began
To distant shores full bound and then
Put to slave labor for the man
So tear it down and start anew
Destroy the monuments and words
No red or white, but only blue
Upon the new flag of the herds
Of those identities that count
As human and of royal blood
Who cheer as red state bodies mount
And statues brace against the flood

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