Return Of The Dark

According to the leaders of such countries as Germany, Britain, Canada and most of western Europe, all of whom worship at the shrine of the goddess Diversity, unlimited immigration by people totally different in culture, religion and worldview than your own people, is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the nobility of the western ethic, at least as practiced by the western governing class, where, as the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, said on the occasion of the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, “Those who choose to be Canadian are more Canadian than those born here.” This view is held by the European elitist leaders as well, and are perfectly happy to see their countries submerged in a sea of Muslim immigrants. Angela Merkel and company will have done in a generation or two what the Ottomans failed to do in two centuries of trying, conquer Europe for Allah. And when it happens white Europeans will no longer be masters in their own house, reduced to subservience and second class citizenship, and we shall see the death of art and science and law and the return of the Dark Ages.

They welcome migrants from afar
The door’s wide open, not ajar
They swarm in from the Middle East
From Pakistan they join the feast
Fair Sweden is already gone
Where calls to prayer now welcome dawn
And Germany is doomed as well
To live in Allah’s perfect hell
As western Europe dies at last
So eastern Europe still holds fast
To art and science, law and pride
They watch in horror as the slide
To darkness overwhelms the West
But not in Prague or Budapest
Where western art and law still shines
The Ottoman will find the lines
Are drawn with men prepared to die
To fight to light the darkened sky
The Muslim wins this time around
But will not keep the sacred ground
Of western art and law and thought
Where free men live as free men ought

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