A recent study suggests that sex and food is not the principal driving force of human existence, but that belonging is. Belonging to something greater than oneself. Belonging to another person, belonging to the group, belonging to an idea, an ideology. I don’t know about that. I don’t believe belonging is the end all and be all of one’s existence. Take me, for instance.


BELONG! I screamed, I BEG OF YOU!


She laughed out loud and walked away

Not wishing to behold a grown man cry

And that’s the way my life has gone

I cannot join a club or walking tour

I try and try but I have found

It always comes I’m turned down at the door

I tried out for Olympic teams

The women’s swim team saying I was Marge

Although a man I made the cut

But then let go, my boobs were much too large

I tried a church, they were so nice

Invited me to join and that was new

But Sunday morning came and went

And no one there would join me in my pew

I try so hard to get along

I even bought a dog that was for sale

But even he, a lesser breed

Refused to lick my hand or wag his tail

I’m used to it by now of course

I have my own computer and a mouse

Anonymous is now my friend

And I’m content just sitting in my house


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