Coltus Interruptus

It is fashionable, in certain circles, to speak of crime as a disease, to be cured like any disease, with love and outreach. In gang ridden Chicago, the land of the constant neighborhood funeral, outreach people talk of interrupting the cycle of violence by introducing the kids to peaceable pursuits, and rewarding them for good behavior. I spoke to Sigmund (Sig) Sauer, head of an outreach organization called Coltus Interruptus.  When I asked if the organization was geared to interrupting gang killings, he said no, we’re geared to interrupting killers, with a Colt or whatever comes to hand.


He scoffed when told crime’s a disease

And said if that’s the case

Then vaccinations held the keys

And crime would take its place

With Dodos and Neanderthals

And soon would cease to be

And frantic nine eleven calls

No longer come to me

I have a scanner in my car

And when the shots go down

I’m off no matter near or far

It’s my Chicago town

I always get there ‘fore the cops

The shooter still be there

I shoot him then until he drops

I think that’s only fair

For he’d just killed another boy

A gang hit it is true

And I believe if one is dead

Then why not make it two?

We interrupt their lives, you see

Dispatch them with a Colt

I tell you man it’s guys like me

That love to feel the jolt

That comes with doing social good

And putting bad guys down

We’re cleaning up the neighborhood

It’s my Chicago town


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