Below The Fold

Now that we have a new war to talk about the Egyptian business is now old news, still occasionally on the front page, but below the fold. Egypt, however, is not over with. In all likelihood Libya will fragment into what it always was and always will be, a tribal society, with eastern Libya, now held by the rebels, reverting to its former name of Cyrenaica. All well and good, but Cyrenaica has traditionally been part of Egypt, at least so thought the Egyptians, and Egypt would clearly love to have it back, along with its oil. So expect an Egyptian move into Cyrenaica when the time looks propitious.



Egypt’s now below the fold

All is well or so we’re told

The winner, it is understood

Is now the Muslim Brotherhood

The Army though has shining eyes

Upon the golden shimm’ring prize

With protests done, down from the boil

Their eyes are drawn to eastern oil

Benghazi now a distant dream

But soon on desert comes the stream

Of armor on the quick march west

Sent off by a UN request

They’ll claim the land again their own

Sun gods once more on Egypt’s throne


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