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Let’s You And Him Fight

News item: Nato pulls out of Libya operation, citing exhaustion. Italy has pulled out its aircraft carrier, Norway is pulling out its planes and France is negotiating with Khaddafi for a settlement. And all say that only US ground troops can bring the war to an end.


Let’s you and him fight, say the Europeans, exhausted by a low grade, no casualties kinetic slugfest against a guy with no air force or navy and whose mobile armored force consists of a pair of beat-up Toyota pickups.



Of course we’ve heard this all before

It happens every little war

The Euros start and cannot reach the end

From Libya to Kosovo

They start at ease and then go slow

While counting every mortar round they spend

Exhausted now, in deep despair

They’ve reached that blackest point to where

They cry their airplane can’t take any more

And both their pilots called in sick

And so they want that backwoods hick

The US to come in and win the war


And  yes I know we are already flying most if not all of the air strikes, though Obama says it is not a war at all and therefore doesn’t need anybody’s permission to do whatever he wants to a country that up until now was counted as a friend, or at least more friendly than most Arab cessholes.


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The Italian government has announced it will not participate in the war against Libya beyond letting the UN use its airfields. And that leaves the British and the French wondering why the Americans, who started it all, are not there. The only ones with any sense in this senseless war are the Italians.



There is no reason to believe

Obamaman meant to deceive

When he said he had power and to spare

For anything the UN wants

And you would have to be a dunce

To think that he most surely did not care

For children threatened by the Duck

Or older folks down on their luck

A crisis looms is what he starkly said

A tragedy upon us now

He said with worried furrowed brow

A tiny tear, a wan shake of the head

Obamaman, Anointed One

Then walked away, his duty done

And said to NATO it’s your baby now

The French and British tried and failed

And as the ghost ship up and sailed

Italians lined the dock and shouted “Ciao!”


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A Rabble In Arms

President Obama, egged on by Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton, took sides in the Libyan civil war and ordered air strikes on Khaddafi’s forces, declaring Khaddafi must go, but only if he wanted to, because we’re not going to make him go. We’re there to prevent civilian casualties in the war, and that’s all. So now that Obama has pulled out all combat air assets, thus leaving the rebels completely at the mercy of Khaddafi, where does that leave the rabble that comprises the rebel army? Just today Khadaffi announced he was interested in ending the war and had accepted a roadmap to peace. Of course he is interested in ending the war, but on his terms. And of course the roadmap to peace is the coast road down which his army rolls, unhindered by NATO or anyone else. The hyperpower boldly stepped into someone’s civil war and then promptly declared victory and stepped out again. It almost looks as if the hyperpower knows not what the heck it’s doing, doesn’t it?



A rabble in arms, is what the Brits said

As farmers marched musket in hand

Then marched back from Concord carrying their dead

At the hands of the rabble led band

Now many years later when rabbles defy

The despots who rule them by force

We loftily claim that we won’t let them fly

But in the end stiff them of course

We laughed when the Chinks “paper tiger” did sneer

We knew that a wave of the fist

Would cause them to cower and quiver with fear

Not now, though, for now we insist

That lawyers determine when our guys can shoot

And Democrats want us to lose

And presidents say that the question is moot

We keep but the promise we choose


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Warthogs And Spectres

When the Libyan rebels took up arms against Khaddafi, the French were terrified it might mean a rise in the price of Libyan oil. To French President Sarkozy, the solution was clear: get the United States to remove Khaddafi and ensure the continued flow of Libyan oil to France. Sarkozy then got the United Nations to order the Americans to remove Khaddafi, which fit right in with the Obama administration’s desire to implement a neat little UN deal called Responsibility to Protect, or R2P. Under R2P, every nation, meaning for all practical purposes, the Unite States, has the responsibility to intervene in any nation that looks to be about to inflict a civilian catastrophe on its population. This was brought about by the world’s inaction in the Rwanda genocide, and is now the favorite weapon of White House insiders Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Gayle Smith, who are intent on using R2D against Israel for their barbaric treatment of the innocent missile firing and Jewish family murdering people of Gaza and the West Bank. So the A-10 Warthogs are called in to take out Khaddafi’s tanks, much as Susan Rice and Samantha Power want the Warthogs to take out Israeli tanks in a war of intervention a little further east. In the meantime, however, before the UN can start its war to eliminate Israel, President Sarkozy addresses the French nation, explaining the rationale for intervening in Libya.



“When fighting comes just leave it to us Frogs

We know what needs be done to do it right

I’ve ordered in the Spectres and Warthogs

This is a French led war but US fight

I’m sure the Ami will not mind a bit

If Frenchmen go to war to save our oil

When fighting comes you really must admit

We French do things accordingly to Hoyle

Khaddafi is a rogue and reprobate

No pasaran! means that they shall not pass!

He must be gone, and yes we cannot wait

We’d really love to have his oil and gas”


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A Community Organizer Goes To War

The president of the United States has spoken not a word about his incursion into the Libyan civil war, and spends his time on vacation in South America, returning today to announce that he does not intend to speak about the war in Libya, does not intend to tell the American people what the mission is, what the plan is, what the end game is. He sends in the Navy and then says it’s all NATO’s show, he washes his hands of it, and the US Navy will be placed under command of a Brit or a Frenchman, or maybe some apparatchik in Brussels. He doesn’t know and doesn’t care. He has no plan, he doesn’t know what the mission is or what the end game is. Barack Obama is the most incompetent, least qualified person to ever hold the office of president of the United States. This is precisely what you get when you elect a Marxist community organizer. One does not expect competence from someone who has never so much as managed a lemonade stand.



How quiet is the world when no one listens

The whispers in the dark are scarcely heard

How silently the footsteps walk the narrows

How eager do we listen for a word

The president and sec of state not speaking

Not to each other or the world at large

The ship of state drifts slowly toward the rapids

With only grinning fools aboard in charge

One wonders if there’s policy behind it

One wonders if there’s malice in that smile

One wonders if his plan is our destruction

And actions on his part are full of guile

The world will have to pull itself together

Our allies must prepare for worse to come

If O by chance is somehow reelected

It’s bad for all but worse by far for some


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Below The Fold

Now that we have a new war to talk about the Egyptian business is now old news, still occasionally on the front page, but below the fold. Egypt, however, is not over with. In all likelihood Libya will fragment into what it always was and always will be, a tribal society, with eastern Libya, now held by the rebels, reverting to its former name of Cyrenaica. All well and good, but Cyrenaica has traditionally been part of Egypt, at least so thought the Egyptians, and Egypt would clearly love to have it back, along with its oil. So expect an Egyptian move into Cyrenaica when the time looks propitious.



Egypt’s now below the fold

All is well or so we’re told

The winner, it is understood

Is now the Muslim Brotherhood

The Army though has shining eyes

Upon the golden shimm’ring prize

With protests done, down from the boil

Their eyes are drawn to eastern oil

Benghazi now a distant dream

But soon on desert comes the stream

Of armor on the quick march west

Sent off by a UN request

They’ll claim the land again their own

Sun gods once more on Egypt’s throne


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A Weekend In Rio

In the midst of a world-wide crisis, President Obama has set a weekend vacation in Rio with his family and suggested that Americans can think about helping Japan while filling out their NCAA basketball tournament brackets. Japan is reeling under earthquakes, a tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people, and a nuclear reactor meltdown spewing radiation into the globe circling winds, and his first thought is basketball. Protests and violence erupt in the Middle East, Kaddafi is about to crush the rebels trying to oust the murderous dictator, and Obama goes to Rio to see the sights. The current and hopefully one term president of the United States is unfit to hold the office, is unqualified to hold the office, and January 20, 2013 can’t come fast enough.



Kaddafi kills with guns and bombs

Brave kids who he now slaughters

Obama thinks of Viet Nams

And then with wife and daughters

Heads off to Rio for a lark

And lends them no assistance

For he’s afraid he’ll light a spark

Creating more resistance

He likes guys like the Saudi king

He likes to be a pal to

Tough guys who let him kiss the ring

And say who he can bow to


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Waltradamus: The Middle East

Chaos rules the Middle East. Protests rise in anger to topple governments, while other governments topple protesters. The world of oil is aflame, and stark depression looms unless the weak West shows some unaccustomed backbone. In the United States, the power, the president seems strangely unmoved by events. In a world perceived as dark by many, Waltradamus, seer and chronicler of the future, reveals what is to come.


The oil rich kingdom topples down

The Pharaohs rise to grab the crown

The Medes perceive the time is ripe

The west men still believe the hype


Mushrooms grow in hardened sand

Pilgrims walk with naught in hand

Blinding flashes fill the night

Darkened eyes cry out for sight


Jobless men look hard for toil

Mobless men look hard for oil

Derricks blackened stand forlorn

Mothers weep for their first born


Strong men riding horses white

Promise ways to end the blight

Darkness darkness everywhere

Dawn will come but who will care


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The Ticking Clock

Libya goes up in flames, Qaddafi sets helicopter gunships on the protesters, hundreds dead, and Obama says not a word.  Hillary says she condemns the violence, but does not condemn Qaddafi. One can only ignore reality for so long. The ticking clock does not care that we ignore it. Undeterred, it just keeps ticking until the hour strikes.



The ticking clock cares not that we

May choose to watch the hands

Move silent as the restless sea

While rage in foreign lands

Bids fair to change the face of what

We thought of as our world

We pay no heed the land of Tut

Is Islamist imperiled

The Middle East goes up in flames

None care the reason why

Obama smiles and plays his games

Adjourning sine die


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