Beneath Still Waters

The saga of Greece and the Euro and the Eurozone continues. The Greeks want no part of austerity, and neither does anyone else, which means that if the Euro is to survive in any meaningful way the Germans will have to come once again to the rescue. But the German taxpayers have about had it with bailing out people who would rather collect German checks than work. And so the countries of southern Europe drift slowly upon the iceberg. Like the Titanic, they believe they are too big to fail, and that something will turn up at the last minute to save them.


Beneath the placid surface

Upon which the fine ships swim

There stirs a subtle movement

While the band selects a hymn

And while the dancers dance and

Partygoers drink their wine

Deep down below the surface

Someone’s singing Auld Lang Syne

Yet who will see this deep dark night

Where starlight fills the sky

That on the edge of vision

Lies the answer to the why

The ship seems strangely silent

As if engines had to cease

Their steady throb of power

As they near the shores of Greece

With booming surf in hearing

The commanders set the goals

That would keep the ship from setting

Up upon the fearsome shoals

And as they talked deep in the ship

The crew began to bail

Ignored by the commanders

Who said we’re too big to fail


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