The High School Grad

It’s Memorial Day, and time to begin thinking of that great American ritual, High School Graduation. And so, to all shortly to be high school grads, Verse-afire offers some friendly advice. Celebrate, you’ve earned it, but not for long, for it’s time to think about the next step. College in the Fall. Study hard but have some fun while you’re there, for after college real life starts, and fun may be in short supply. Work, marriage and kids comes after that, and you will find that that is the great reward for all the hard work you’ve put in.


So here we are, it’s graduation

Time to think of what comes next

High school’s done, to much elation

Time to choose your college text

You’ll have to choose ‘twixt art and science

Math and English are a must

Lit and hist’ry in alliance

Without them college is a bust

Study hard and work your ast off

Get good grades and finish high

So when you leave your life will blast off

Career goals soaring to the sky

So get to school, don’t dilly dally

Take time out to have some joy

Go to every football rally

And there’s a girl for every boy

And if the rules sometimes get bended

Take in stride and have no care

That mom and dad will be offended

Because, you know, they won’t be there


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