Barack Obama promised to fundamentally remake the United States, and he has done so. He has remade the United States in the image of failed European socialism, a broken, defanged and humiliated ex-superpower, all to the approval of the majority of those who now have the right to vote in a country they had no hand in building. This country was built on sweat and blood, and the past two generations have decided they prefer to live subservient lives as dutiful serfs, beholden to the government for their very existence. Barack Obama has done nothing he has not promised to do. Barack Obama is not to blame for any of this; we are to blame, for we have betrayed our fathers.

He has made the promise, he has made it plain
That he would remake us, that there would be pain
We gave him our freedom, and he took it all
In return he grants us, the right to recall
What it was we squandered, what we threw away
What our fathers fought for, in that bygone day
Twice now we have planted, power in his hand
Knowing what he stood for, knowing what he planned
Who of us can blame him, who can then deny
That we had grown tired of, mom and apple pie
Looked we did for someone, looked for good things free
Someone who would trade us, phones for liberty
Ancient Constitution, lawful written laws
Are to him as nothing, so much lacy gauze
Meant to do his bidding, bending to his will
Use them as his playthings, used to keep us still
Now a new beginning, now a new born State
Cry now if we want to, but it is too late
We who’ve had such freedom, bow now to a King
We’ve betrayed our fathers, and lost everything

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