Garry Owen They Ain’t

We have all seen the Western movies where the US Cavalry comes charging over the hill, all bugles and flags, to rescue the wagon train full of women and children from the thousands of hostile Indians attacking it. But before the charge the cavalry is proceeding at a more leisurely pace, not yet aware of the plight of the wagon train up ahead, riding along singing, spurs and bridles jingling, while in the background the studio orchestra plays The Garry Owen, the song of the US Cavalry. Few moviegoers recognize the music, but all have heard it many times, including Europeans, who have come to expect the US Cavalry to show up whenever and wherever needed. And they have. But this time it’s different. The US is not riding to the rescue of Ukraine, and we have told the Europeans that if Ukraine is to be rescued, it is European cavalry that will ride to the rescue. Obama is confident the EU cavalry is saddling up, but the EU cavalry is not quite so sure.

The cavalry’s coming, with music by Liszt
With banners and bugles ablaze
Aflame for the battle that’s not to be missed
Though they say it will take a few days
The horses you see have no saddles or shoes
They haven’t been used for some time
The unionized soldiers are waiting to choose
A horse on whose back they will climb
The lances are blunted no points on their tips
So sharpening them is a must
The depots are scattered, ‘twill take many trips
To find sabers not covered with rust
But we shall be there when the time comes to fight
With no single moment to waste
We know you’ll be waiting for us at first light
With confidence always misplaced

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