Better Green Than Mean

Green is the color of Islam. Green is the color of every Islamic flag. Islam has been determined to conquer Christendom since the seventh century AD, when an Arab army first laid siege to Constantinople. Defeated, they returned some years later to be defeated again by Greek Fire. It took them more than seven hundred years but in 1453 Islam finally took Constantinople, the key and gateway to Christian Europe. Today, Europe is no longer Christian, and no longer willing to fight for their freedom or for the ashes of their fathers, and certainly not for the temples of their non-existent gods. A generation earlier Europe was advised that it was better to be Red than dead, and today they are advised to believe it is better to be Green than mean.

When Muslim killers blow up trains
Kill children at their play
Instead of rage there simply reigns
A sense that any day
Someone will grab a gun and shoot
A Muslim in the street
Outraging all who think the root
Of Muslim rage replete
With anger at the Christian world
That dared resist so long
And conquered as the bagpipes skirled
And sang a jaunty song
But this is now and that was then
And Islam is no threat
So say now Europe’s leading men
Now we repay the debt
We welcome Islam to our hearths
Speak no unkindly word
For there has never been two Earths
Religion is absurd
We will not die for such a thing
That superstition scene
Nor die for country nor for King
It’s better Green than mean

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