The Standard Model

The standard model of the world, as seen by both American political parties, is false, a fantasy. For both, the standard model of the world shows a gigantic United States surrounded by tiny nation states colored red and blue and orange, surrounded by Terra Incognita. The Democrats believe that by acquiring eternal political power through plantation votes they will transform the United States into that socialist utopia that seems always just out of reach, while the Republicans believe that by hitching a ride on the Democrat wagon they will keep their vassal status intact, insuring a continuing semblance of political power as well as the perks and comforts that go with being subservient enablers. Both are terrified of Donald Trump, because they know the people are ready for revolution, and it takes only one determined man to start one. The only question is, will it be a peaceful revolution or not.

We see the tumbrils in our minds
The passengers of differing kinds
We see the guillotines set high
On distant hills against the sky
Onlookers watch, some sob, some gloat
It all depends on how they vote
But who has lost and who has won
We’ll know at setting of the sun
As tumbrils stop beneath the planks
Where stand the blades in serried ranks
The baskets ready for the feast
Of heads of those who are the least
Of all the vermin who have lied
And fleeced and stole on that big ride
Of power, influence and greed
As far away the blades with speed
Complete the revels in a way
Although an onlooker might say
That doesn’t it seem very strange
That nothing seems at all to change

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