Between The Lines

The New York Times questions the Obama Middle Eastern policy and Joe Biden is outraged, only to be reassured by Obama that all is still right with the world.


I do not understand, Joe cried

A pained look on his face

The New York Times of all our pals!

I tell you, quel disgrace!

They’re questioning your policy

Regards each Arab state

And wonder if it comes down to

Too little and too late

Barack Hussein Obama smiled

Said Joe, the game is played

Between the lines where foul is fair

And friends appear to fade

The Times is rightly on our side

The story is a plant

To make it seem they will be fair

And Joe, of course they can’t

Our policy is not too late

Too little or off course

I’ve spent apologetic years

To show we’re the weak horse

And I’ve succeeded by and large

Despised we are, not feared

So if you think the Times has strayed

Then Joe you sure are weird


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