Obama Phones

Obama is giving out free phones now, to go along with free Chevy Volts and free health care, all in the incessant lefty drive to make beggars of us all in the name of fairness. For once addicted to the free Obama government cheese, there is no voting for anyone but Obama. And the easy part about voting for Obama is all you have to do is phone it in.


I got in my Obama car

A GM make and model

Ignition spark, let out the clutch

Ease out a little throttle

Pull into the station pump

Obama gas a fill up

A gallon at four bucks a shot

How quick it runs the bill up

A trip downtown to local school

Obama’s Union teachers

Were showing movies to the kids

Obama double features

The school lunch stood there on display

Obama Meals they called them

The kids just let them lay and rot

Until to dump they hauled them

A doctor visit was next call

Obama Phone’s sure handy

A perfect way to get your vote

They gave them out like candy

The doctor’s office filled to brim

ObamaCare in force now

Obama takes good care of us

And all is free of course now

And so to home a day’s work done

To get my worn night gown out

Obama Energy full green

Not long until the brown out

We love Barack, who gives us things

All free so who’s complaining

And life is good and will be so

As long as he is reigning


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