Beyond The Kuiper Belt

Something huge is lurking just beyond the Kuiper Belt, something unseen by astronomers until 2016 when they noticed perturbations in Kuiper Belt Objects that had not previously been perturbed. What is it and why is it unseen? An invisible planet beyond Pluto? An invisible non-physical force? A giant spaceship? A small spaceship with an unaccountably giant mass? If it is a natural phenomenon and has been there all along, why was it not discovered until now? Is it the impending demographic doom of Europe and the death of western civilization at the hands of millions of Stone-Age people who have unaccountably been invited to come and stay awhile? We won’t know what it is or who it is until they reveal themselves. We all remember that Germany is now a smoking, radioactive ruin all because when the aliens landed and said take me to your lieder the Germans laughed. Some things are just not universally funny. I hope we’re more careful when they land this time. You just don’t know how strangers are going to react.

Out there beyond the Kuiper Belt
There lurks a giant force
Whose gravity is keenly felt
Though still an unknown source
My view is it’s the gods of old
Who gather in despair
At seeing all their work grow cold
And tossed without a care
Into the dumpster of the past
And cast into the void
Although the giant shadow cast
Shows it might be a boid

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