Tolerating The Intolerable

After another year of rapes and sexual assaults by young muslim men upon Swedish women attending a traditional Swedish summer concert, the Leftist Swedish government has reacted energetically to ongoing and nation-wide muslim rapes and sexual assaults upon Swedish women by canceling next year’s concert. That’ll teach them not to rape and sexually assault Swedish women. I don’t believe muslims laugh except when beheading Christian children, but this must have made them laugh.

Multi-culti is the word
Stuff your ears to all you’ve heard
Muslim crime is just absurd
They are Swedes like us
Honor killings all the rage
Turn your head and turn the page
Other cultures we engage
And muslims are a plus
Yes Malmo is not Swedish now
And to sharia we must bow
Before them Swedish law must cow
So let’s not make a fuss
One day we shall be muslims too
And we shall share the muslim view
That Sweden will be something new
A suppurating pus

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